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What window cleaning method is best for your property? Traditional vs Modern
Want to know one thing the city of Leeds has in common with window cleaning? Both have gone through an incredible evolution that some of us may be taking for granted. Just as Leeds has become a metropolis recreating its
Why Your Business Needs Clean Windows & Signage
L Yorkshire Window Cleaners – 07432 121681 The exterior appearance of all business premises is vital in creating the right impression to your customers As the advert used to say ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a
Water Fed Pole vs Traditional Window Cleaning
Which is the best method for cleaning windows – the traditional way or using modern water fed poles and pure water? Yorkshire Window Cleaners – 07432 121681 What is traditional window cleaning? Traditional methods involves the application of soapy
How To Remove Paint Splashes on Glass Windows
How To Remove Paint From Glass Windows by Yorkshire Window Cleaners Call 07432 121681 Paint is often splashed onto glass when decorating using a roller, or a slip with a brush when painting window frames can leave painted
Does Self-Cleaning Glass Need To Be Cleaned?
How Effective Is Self-Cleaning Glass and Does It Ever Need Cleaning? Yorkshire Window Cleaners – 07432 121681 Self-cleaning glass is becoming increasingly popular in house windows, conservatories and skylights, but does it really work and justify the extra cost?