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HHow Effective Is Self-Cleaning Glass and Does It Ever Need Cleaning?

shop-sign Self-cleaning glass is becoming increasingly popular in house windows, conservatories and skylights, but does it really work and justify the extra cost?
How does it work?
Self-cleaning glass is treated with a special coating that creates a 2 stage cleaning process – photocatalytic and hydrophilic. Photocatalytic means the coating reacts with sunlight to break down dirt. In the hydrophilic stage rainwater spreads across the glass washing dirt away. That’s the theory at least. Only problem is it relies on sunlight and water and a shortage of each can cause difficulties. Some of the problems homeowners come across are if sunlight is blocked or limited by other buildings, obstructions and overhanging trees, and the lack of sun in winter. Dry periods also cause problems and stop the hydrophilic stage from taking effect. A lack of rain means having to hose the glass down to activate the 2nd cleaning stage but that means spraying tap water filled with hard water deposits all over the glass. So while dirt is washed away it can leave ‘spotting’, otherwise knowsn as hard water deposits caused by limescale, chalk and other minerals.
Is it possible to clean self-cleaning glass?
Yes it is. And Yorkshire Window Cleaners have the equipment and expertise to do it. It is essential that the delicate coating is treated with care and not damaged. Therefore, harsh or abrasive chemicals and cleaning products should never be used as they can scratch the surface. Only products specifically designed for cleaning glass should be used. Better still the pure water we use is perfect for gently cleaning glass and avoiding mineral deposits spotting the glass. Soft, non abrasive materials should also be used to protect the coating. The brushes we use on our water fed poles are designed to be suitable and safe to use on self-cleaning glass. Yorkshire Window Cleaners based in Leeds are window cleaning professionals you can rely on.