Frequenty Asked Questions
Q:   Do you clean all year round?
A:   Yes we clean 12 months of the year. This is to ensure your windows stay clean all year round.
Q:   Will I need to be home when you come to clean the windows?
A:   No. We can contact you the day before to make you aware that we are due to clean your property in order leave the gate unlocked. Once we have finished we will post a payment slip through the letter box to let you know we have visited.
Q:   What if I forget to leave my gate unlocked.
A:   Not to worry we know life can be busy sometimes. If you happen to forget we will just clean what we can and charge accordingly.
Q:   What if I am on holiday?
A:  Enjoy it! We will clean as usual and leave a slip in the door to say we have been. If you have a locked gate then we will clean what we have access to and charge accordingly.
Q:   Do you clean in the rain?
A:   Yes. The benefit of using the pure water fed pole method is that we can clean in light rain with no effect on the results and quality of our clean.
Q:   I am not sure about water fed pole
We are so confident in our method that you are not obliged to pay until you are happy with the result. If there are any issues we will return and fix them for free.
Q:   Do you cover my area?
A:   You can get a reasonably priced, expert service from us anywhere in Leeds. Feel free to call or text 07432121681 to confirm that your specific area is covered.
Q:   Is the price you quote me fixed?
A:   When we arrive and access is not available then we will clean what we are able too and then let the customer know. texts are sent out the night before your clean is due which will contain a reminder to leave access available. This will still result in a full charge for your service.
Q:   Are you fully insured and vetted?
A:  We are all insured and properly trained. We are happy to produce the relevant documentation if and when required.
Q:   I need you to clean windows on a commercial property or business, can you do it?
A:   Of course. Yorkshire Window Cleaners have experience completing professional window cleaning in buildings both big and small, including office buildings and schools.