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How To Remove Paint From Glass Windows by Yorkshire Window Cleaners

shop-sign Paint is often splashed onto glass when decorating using a roller, or a slip with a brush when painting window frames can leave painted brush marks (as in the picture above). Our years of experience as one of the leading window cleaning companies in Leeds has taught us the best and safest ways of cleaning windows – and what not to do. Stains of any kind are always best dealt with as soon as possible after they occur. The longer stains are allowed to dry on a surface the harder they are to remove. This also applies to paint splashes. If you can clean it straight away before drying it should be possible to clear it up there and then. But for the purposes of this article we will assume the paint is old, dried on and firmly stuck to the glass.
What tools or equipment do you need to remove paint from glass?
Fortunately,there is only one specialist tool required and the other items are common everyday things found in most homes.

The ‘specialist’ tool is a good quality glass scraper as pictured here.

Glass scraper

You will also need:

bowl or bucket of soapy water
lint free or microfibre cloth
kitchen roll or extra microfibre cloth (kept dry)

Simply wet your lint free or microfibre cloth in the soapy water and dab it onto the paint stain so that it is thoroughly wet. Using your glass scraper, ensure the blade is new and sharp and then gently scrape the wettened paint. The stain must be kept wet at all times to avoid scratching the glass. Never attempt to scrape dry glass. Make sure you scrape in the same direction. If the blade becomes clogged with debris wipe it clean. As soon as blades lose their sharpness replace with fresh blade (blunt blades can also damage / scratch glass). When the paint has been removed wipe over the glass with the soapy cloth and then dry it using the second microfibre cloth or kitchen roll. If you would like Yorkshire Window Cleaners to take of your window cleaning for you please call us on 07432 121681 for a free no obligation quote.