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What window cleaning method is best for your property? Traditional vs Modern

Want to know one thing the city of Leeds has in common with window cleaning? Both have gone through an incredible evolution that some of us may be taking for granted. Just as Leeds has become a metropolis recreating its identity from its origins as a cloth town, window cleaning has taken many strong leaps since the days of buckets and mops! Here at Yorkshire Window Cleaners Leeds we love everything Window Cleaning. Get in touch – 07432121681 Just about every industry you can think of has gone through its advancements. This fact can especially be applied to the world of window cleaning, where engineers and various cleaning professionals have displayed great ingenuity for their craft. And guess what? Today, we’ll be sharing a fun and useful infographic, therefore explaining just about everything you’d like to know about maintaining clean windows. As Leeds City Centre promises to double in size, as new homes and desirable areas are built in South Bank, and as Soyo, Quarry Hill aspires to attract newcomers from all over England, the fact remains that more and more beautiful buildings are coming into Leeds. Imagine however, all these pretty buildings with dirty windows, not so appealing! Keeping windows clean adds the perfect touch to a charming city. There is almost no point in having the most beautiful home an town if your windows are dirty. It is not difficult to lose the elegance of architecture behind the dust and grime that tends to build on filthy windows. Most importantly, this infographic is for those who appreciate the value of immaculate presentation. Keep attention on the beauty of your buildings by taking proper care of dirty windows. We are going to show you exactly how.
The Proposition:
In the infographic below, we explain a few fun concepts which may surprise you:

1. The basics of both Traditional vs Modern Technique of cleaning.
2. When it comes to window washing, it isn’t always wise to discard the old for the new. There are certain circumstances (i.e. cleaning interior windows) when traditional cleaning is recommended.
3. Facts about how long it takes to clean some of the most famous building in the world
4. The advantages and disadvantages of traditional and modern cleaning methods.
5. The essentials needed before cleaning (For those who would like to try their hand at cleaning)
6. How much you could earn as a professional, or spend on your home.
7. Countries where each method is commonly used.

There is however much more to discover in our fun and practical infographic which explains all the benefits of both the traditional and modern techniques of window cleaning.

You may have seen the window cleaners cleaning restaurants or offices with a water fed pole and wondered “what is the difference between them and the window cleaner near me with traditional ladders and cloths? Which is better? Why?” The infograph below reveals all!

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From all your friends here at Yorkshire Window Cleaners Leeds, we’d like to wish you happy window cleaning! Therefore remember us when you are looking to restore the prestige of your building or home by having clean windows. info-graphic